Slating and Tiling

Slating & Tiling

We are proud to offer our slating & tiling roofing services at a high standard and at a competitive price. Our services include New Roof Installations, Re-Roofs, Repairs, Restorations, Replacements, On going Maintenance, Storm Damage,Residential & Commercial Roofing, Fascias, Soffits & Gutters, Low slope roofs, Chimney Repairs, Roof inspections and Lead Work working on all types of buildings, large and small, old and new.

Many homeowners, give little or no thought to their roof or its maintenance until they have problems. The first signs of a problem are a leak or a damp patch appearing in the ceiling. These may only appear at certain times, when it has been raining heavily. Or you find some broken slates on the ground outside your house which have been dislodged during high winds. Whilst you can ignore the problem for a while, at some stage the problem will have to be faced; the roof needs some maintenance.

All elements of buildings require routine care and maintenance. Tile and Slate roofs are no exception. What you should look for:

1. Damp or leaks may signal a cracked or slipped tile. If a tile has blown off, it should be replaced quickly to prevent water from penetrating the felt underneath. Also, more tiles can be dislodged in high winds if there is one missing.

2. Leaks are usually confined to small areas and caused by one or more of the following problems:-

  • Cracked or broken cement mortar bedding to the ridge and hip capping
  • Cracked or broken roof tiles

Roof Tiles

When it comes to roof tiles, there are a variety of colours, shapes and materials available, which can make it difficult to choose the right one. Comparing the features of different types of roof tiles will help to find the right choice for your home, so look at all the factors concerned. For instance, colour should match the style of your house and surrounding properties, the weight of tiles should be suitable for the strength of the roof and they should meet your budget as well as being water and weatherproof. 
One of the main problems that you may encounter with concrete roof tile is improper installation. Installing the tile is a difficult process, which can lead to errors by installers. In fact, special training and skills are necessary to install a concrete tile roof correctly, so it is not a do-it-yourself project. Cutting around roof protrusions and valleys is particularly difficult because the tile is so hard.
It requires a special saw and a great deal of time. Installing the tile on small sections of the roof and architectural features presents similar issues. In addition, the nail procedure for concrete tile is complex since each lugged tile requires a single nail while each non-lugged tile requires two. All of these steps are crucial because improperly installed concrete tile is more likely to suffer damage from rain, snow, wind and hail, so your roof does not last as long as it should.